The beginnings of Kamag Tech company date back to 2009. Right from the start our main activities were design, manufacturing, modernization of machines and machine parts in atypical arrangements – prototypes, as well as the production of various types of couplings and bearing systems.

In 2018 a limited liability company was established.

Currently the company offers, among others, high-quality industrial fans (radial, axial, duct, ventube, drying), applicable in various industries, including power engineering, mining, metallurgy, processing industry, wood processing plants and other production plants.

In addition, we are engaged in:

- design and production of fan accessories according to customer requirements such as: shut-off dampers, axial guide vanes with low regulation hysteresis, glycol cooling aggregates, cooling and lubricating hydraulic aggregates, fan monitoring systems.

- design and production of couplings, bearings and other elements of drive transmission mainly for fans, pumps and conveyors.

- technical consulting in the field of fans modernization, diagnostics of rotating machines, dynamic balancing of rotors in own bearings, flow measurements.

- replacement reconstruction of non-standard machine parts (castings, machining, welded constructions)

- trade in electric motors in non-standard configurations (multi-speed with insulated bearings, with external cooling, for atypical supply voltages), trade in gears and all kinds of couplings for machines and devices.

We have the knowledge, the resources of specialists for whom work in the industry is a passion, and production technology that allows the implementation of diverse projects.

We work with reliable subcontractors and suppliers. We are happy to undertake unconventional challenges, especially these that are too difficult for others.